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The TransIT project develops and provides innovative curricula, educational methods and training courses that guarantee an effective transition to Industry 4.0 standards.

An ideal solution for company leaders, industry executives, HR professionals, SMEs and VET centers.

Discover how you can benefit

The project will produce three main elements that together will form a complete training kit.

ach element will offer strong capacity building and help to successful adjust to the forthcoming challenges of Industry 4.0 standards.

containing the most crucial tools for adjusting your company’s managerial system to the new technological advances

Handy and practical for enabling hands-on treatment of adaptation problems and development needs.

Divide the curriculum into „digestible bits”, depending on the method chosen by learners. It allows learners to engage with the topics in a modern and interactive way.

Project Partners

TransIT is composed of 8 institutions from 6 countries (Hungary, Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Greece) with significant experience in the sector of Adult training and committed with the promotion of innovative e-learning.



NUI Galway


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute for Business Education











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The partnership of TransIT is excited to share with you the latest news regarding the implementation of the project!During the last months, the partners have had the opportunity to meet in person once again, thus accelerating even further the activities of TransIT. Download here the PDF […]
The second edition of TransIT’s Newsletter is now available! The partners have continued working during the past months, and we are happy to share with you the latest news regarding the progresses of the project. We invite you to download the Newsletter just below and to […]
We are happy to announce that the very first Newsletter for TransIT is available now! Be sure to check all the news it reports regarding the progress of the project and the development of all the tools that will help you manage the transition 4.0 in […]

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Please contact us for further details about the project. As it is in the early stages, we would like to hear your opinions and views!

Alternatively, you can contact the project coordinator directly using the following contact details:


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