Many years of work have brought the partnership to the creation of a great deal of knowledge. Interviews with professionals, […]
We are ready to share with you the final Newsletter for the project TransIT! The partnership met in Galway, Ireland, […]
What does TRANSIT mean? Us, we know. Work-based management training kit for the transition fo Industry 4.0. At this very […]
The project TransIT continues! With new in-person activities and results developed, the partnership has worked hard in the past few […]
The partnership of TransIT is excited to share with you the latest news regarding the implementation of the project! During […]
The second edition of TransIT’s Newsletter is now available! The partners have continued working during the past months, and we […]
We are happy to announce that the very first Newsletter for TransIT is available now! Be sure to check all […]
The first transnational meeting of the TransIT project was held on the 9th and 10th of December 2019, in Budapest […]