Training Guidebook

The Guidebook synthesises good management practice to enable a transition to Industry 4.0. There are three main overarching topics:

  • Innovation thinking
  • Motivation management
  • Technical cooperation.

It will also consist of the most relevant concepts relating adaptive management, such as:

  • Motivation theory
  • Resilience
  • Stable and adaptive leadership
  • Crisis communication
  • Positive psychology for fully performing teams
  • Emotional intelligence and mindfulness in a work environment
  • Diversity management and social skills
  • Innovative thinking
  • Creative problem solving

Training Methodology

The Methodology will be user centred and practical, enabling effective implementation.

It comprises collections of practical, applicable practices, tips and recommendations that can be implemented directly at the workplaces.

The topics will be structured under key ‘challenges’. Learners will be given the possibility to choose from 3 different timeline options, thus ensuring the best possible fitting of the training into the reality of workdays. (15 minutes daily – 2 hours each week – 1 whole day each month)

Online platform

It will work as a workbook/development diary with exercises to undertake, facilitating individual development as well as team evolution, and it will consist of a rational mix of theory and practice.

The curriculum will be divided into „digestible bits”,various training scenarios will be available and learners will be able to choose from three different training dosages (daily, weekly or monthly), therefore creating a custom made experience designed to fit each student’s particular needs and priorities.

Pedagogical Guide

The pedagogical guide will include methods and tools to help the trainer transferring
knowledge in a sustainable way for the target group.