TREBAG Ltd (Hungary)

TREBAG Ltd. (coordinator, Hungary) has significant practice in EU project coordination,, know-how and contacts in the following fields: development of vocational training materials and methodologies including e-learning and gamification, trainings, implementation of technology transfer and innovation chain management, R&D projects, quality management consultancy and dissemination and demonstration activities.


Contact person: Andrea Kövesd
Telephone: +3626555220

NUI Galway (Ireland)

NUI Galway is a research-led University and has an overall ranking of the top 1% of universities internationally and remains within the 201-250 ranked Times Higher Education world rankings. Its research & teaching infrastructure is well-established, of world calibre and strongly supported.

In the past ten years alone, the University has invested in excess of €400 million in the region. The Enterprise Research Centre in NUI Galway focuses on the design, development and analysis of new processes and systems for effective innovation. Research projects model real world dynamic systems to gain a deep insight into how organisation’s effectively manage their innovative efforts. Therefore we work closely with industry to identify and prioritise requirements, co-develop solutions and implement and validate new models and systems.

A systems ethos which includes people, process and technology related issues are employed in the research. The research area is multidisciplinary in nature and spans functions such as engineering, technology and business.


Contact person: Dr. Kathryn Cormican
Telephone: +35391493975

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute for Business Education

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute for Business Education is one of the education and training providers with longest tradition and experience in development, organization and implementation of professional and technical seminars, short- and long-term courses and other events for the needs of clients.

Orientation towards actual education, training and competences demands on the labour market enabled the institution to become one of the largest education and training providers in Slovenia.


Contact person: Aleš Dremel
Telephone: +38615897660

Weople (Portugal)

Weople is an innovation-driven Portuguese SME with headquarter in Cascais (Great Lisbon). Its polyglot team provides high-quality international services in two main areas:  training & human capacity development, and ICT consultancy. Weople focuses on finding original solutions for clients combining efficiency with creativity, fun with practical proficiency. With deep insight to behavior analysis, it facilitates proficiency and resilience with new training methods.

The team embraces innovation, cooperation, and constant development as a key feature of success. The company has collaborated in various European innovation and educational game development projects for the corporate sector.


Contact person: João Carlos Dos Santos Gonçalves
Telephone: +351919178461

KISMC (Bulgaria)

Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Managemet Club (KISMC) is an NGO and key actor for innovation in Bulgaria. It runs an “Innovation management academy” for Bulgarian businesses and promotes the adoption of Innovation Management at national level. The club’s main activities are:

Innovation and managing the innovation processes; development of new methodologies and educational approaches;informal and vocational training courses, creativity, design thinking and related subjects; assisting organisations with the transfer of methodologies, technologies, best practices and software to improve companies’competitiveness and sustainable development; collaborate with universities and schools.


Contact person: Milena Koleva
Telephone: +35924890096

IDEC (Greece)

IDEC is a training and consultancy company based in Piraeus, Greece. IDEC is dealing with the theme of quality assurance in training and has coordinated the projects QMS and BEQUAL dealing with quality in training topics. Moreover IDEC has consulting experience in developing quality management systems in Greek training centres.


Contact person: Xenia Chronopoulou
Telephone: +302104286227

ARTO (Hungary)

ARTO is a consultancy and training company experienced in facilitating transition to Industry 4.0. It has experiences concerning R&D strategy management, change management, R&D project development, agile transformation.

The company offers an integrated training program for Industry 4.0, which combines highly automated learning systems, customized seminars, modern digital learning media and the latest didactic methods.

Contact person: Tina Lichtenthal
Telephone: +36706274410

Robot-X (Hungary)

Robot-X plays a leading role in the Hungarian market concerning industrial automation and introducing Industry 4.0 process. The main activities are as follows:

Industrial automation and implementation of robotic systems even in the most challenging environments; design and building of robot cells; system integration of the world’s leading industrial robot brands; integration of collaborative robots, design and construction of production lines and single-purpose machines; technological research and development.


Contact person: Masa Attila
Telephone: +36 70 613 3842